Keeping up with #WomenInLibya

Have you ever had someone ask if you were really Libyan? If Libyan women are allowed to drive? If they are allowed to work?

We have !

Multiple times we get asked what it’s like for Libyan women in Libya . It’s a mystery to everyone outside the country. The only thing they relate Libya to is the militias, the politicians and the multiple governments .

“I’ve never met a Libyan under 50 years old”

“We’ve only met the Libyan male politicians, we’ve never seen a Libyan woman before”

Libyan women are left out of the media and Libyan news in general so we thought we’d change that and give you a direct glimpse into our lives.

We recently attended #Techcamplibya and benefited tremendously from the experience. One piece of advice from one of our trainers Amanda, was to use whatever our audience was using to get our message out there.

We have recently launched #WomeninLibya snapchat account . It’s like having access to a magic portal that takes you on a journey through someone’s day.

Each week a new Libyan woman will take over the account and take us on a tour of her life (social, study, family, work, business, struggles, etc)

We will also rotate it between Libyan women in different cities and different environments.

We continue to share stories but in a new innovative way. We hope that by watching these snapchats you realise that we’re all the same in the end. If you’ve been following @nessringeddah’s snaps you’ll know we even watch the same tv shows .

Everyone just wants to catch the latest episode of game of thrones no matter where they are in the world lol .

Save the snapcode below or use the username WomenInLibya .


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