Daily Life of Libyan Women 

Earlier this week, we launched a series that discusses the daily life of Libyan woman in the current difficulties the country is going through . It was a simple idea, to support each other through these times and to know when we know we are not alone. All you have to do is you share with us how the conflict has affected your life ( personal – professional – financial – academic  )  and the lives of those close to you . By sending your story here 
• This is the first story in the series from Sabreen – Tripoli : 

“ My story is about the troubles I’ve had to face with my family since my father’s passed away seven years ago. I started to hate being a female in this male dominated society. My father was my supporter, ever since he passed away my brother has made my life extremely difficult and humiliating. What made matter worse was my mother being on my brother’s side and supporting him in his control over me and depriving me from my basic rights like eating with my family or finishing my education abroad or even marriage. This is all because I didn’t pay attention to him when I travelled to the United States four years ago to study. After l came back with my masters degree, I went through so much grief and bad treatment. I regret coming back to my family so bad. Sometimes I think of suicide then I remember Allah and I fear him, I say to myself maybe if I’m more patient Allah will change things for me…”

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