The F word


Lots of men and women out there are afraid to be called the F word, yes FEMINIST.
So want to know if you’re a feminist? Take this simple quiz and find out!

– Do you believe in the equality and justice for all people regardless of their gender?


– Do you believe that women should get equal work opportunities, wages, places etc?


– Do you believe that sexual harassment is insulting to women? Do you think every woman has a right to walk safely down the street without being harassed?


If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then congratulations! You are officially more evolved than some villain with a twisty mustache that lived in the seventeenth century.

Note : The photo attached is a painting by artist Hugo Simberg . Known as ” Man with red mustache” . Style : Realism.

Written By : J.E
p.s : credit for this post goes to an article i read awhile ago on Huffing Post.
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